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QubeX 3000 Series Packaged Pump Stations

QubeX 3000 Series Packaged Pump Stations

The QubeX 2000 Series is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications and large-scale commercial projects. These pump stations are equipped with our most robust and efficient REEFE pumps, capable of managing high volumes of wastewater with ease. Ideal for industrial estates, large commercial complexes, and municipal projects, the 2000 Series represents the ultimate in waste management technology, providing reliability and performance on a grand scale.


MODEL QubeX 3000 Series

Vortex, Grinder, Cutter and Drainage Pump Stations Available – Download Brochure Here


Features & Benefits

• Lightweight
• Can be deepened with risers
• NSW health approved


• Sturdy rotomoulded polyethylene
• REEFE pumps pre-installed
• Ease pump maintenance with cam-lock connections
• Available with a wide range of access covers and grates


• Sewage
• Stormwater
• Greywater
• Holding tank

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