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RM6000-3 Rain to Mains System with Rivergum Pump Cover

RM6000-3 Rain to Mains System with Rivergum Pump Cover

RM6000-3 Rainpro® is the RM4000-3 RainPro® “Easy Install” unit with the added advantage of a pump cover. No cables, no float, no solenoid, no electronic controls. Kit comes complete with cover and flexible hoses. The RM6000-3 restricts the flow of mains supply while rain water is being pumped to help conserve our precious resource. This system is only suited to flooded suction and is best suited for supplying laundry and toilets only. For suction lift and underground tanks, use submersible pump option RM5000. For whole house supply (more than 1 bathroom) use the RM3000-3. Pump covers are available in a variety of colours to match most standard tank colours.


Rivergum 640mm x 340mm x 600mm

Includes the PRJ052
Pressure Pump


Features & Benefits

Pressure pump PRJ052 – 52L/min, 33m hd**
Pressure controller – auto restart
Rain to Mains valveset
Flexible hoses (supplied loose)
Y strainer
Round style pump cover
Other pump sizes available
Tested to AS4020 for Potable Water



Domestic toilet & laundry
Small house cabin / granny flat (1bathroom)
Small commercial / industrial*
Garden irrigation*
Toilet blocks (up to 6 fixtures)*
Construction / mine site offices*

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