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Pump Tank Fill Controller with Float Switch

Pump Tank Fill Controller with Float Switch

The REEFE Pump Shut Off Controller is a user-friendly plug & play design for faster cost-effective installations. This safety designed system has plug & play connections meaning there is no need for costly electrician visits for installation. The float is powered by low voltage current for ultimate on-site safety. Designed for controlling pumps 240V single phase up to 10A (1.5kW). This clever creation combines 2 controllers into one with dual functions and can be used for either tank fill applications or tank empty applications. Through pressing the simple change function button, you can select the function to best suit your site requirements.


CODE 12981
MODEL REEFE Pump Tank Fill Controller with Float Switch

Features & Benefits

Automatic ‘Tank Full’ pump inhibitor
‘Tank Full’ indicator light
Low voltage float switch circuitry
Rated for pumps up to 6 amps
Weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure

Controller enclosure including power lead and moulded plug
Mounting bracket
10m NBR float switch
Standard 3 pin plug connection for pump
Quick plug connection for float switch



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